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A display of the collective strength of any group of people

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Thrash Mafia- Who/What Are We?

Thrash Mafia is a multifaceted entity started in, but not limited to, the region of West Texas/Southern New Mexico. Above all, it is a supportive community of peers for those who care. Growing up in the El Paso area, most of us have noticed the lack of real community involvement in local politics. Rather than being the embodyment of Democracy on a local level, we have become a society of apathetic consumers. In a true Democracy, the government acts in accordance with the wishes of the populus, and local politics have lost sight of that. Those of you who wish to change the world should realize that any significant reform must begin on a local level in order to truly be successful.

Thrash Mafia is not a group of like-minded elitists seeking to assimilate the entire population of the world. Instead, it is a group of citizens who are sick of apathy and choose to support anyone who cares enough about a cause to take firm but peaceful action in order to make it known. Environmental Ethics, Politics, Civil Rights; all causes are welcome.

On a social level, Thrash Mafia was originated as an HxC crew- a group of music lovers gathering at shows as a sign of unity. Unlike crews elsewhere, our group does not condone the use of violence against other groups. This is not a gang. This is a display of the collective strength of any group of people- a force whose goal is to educate, not to destroy.